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About us, our business and product range

Enhancing Energies

About us, our business and product range

We are three friends Dom, Doug and Jan who met at drama school in London twenty plus years ago.

Earlier this year, Doug, now a painter as well as an actor and director, broke his wrist attempting to skateboard for the first time aged 50 something! After six months of rehabilitation his injury still hadn’t healed, and this was when Doug discovered Shungite, an ancient carbon rock from Karelia, Russia with a rich history of healing properties. Although initially sceptical, he decided to take a leap of faith, and give Shungite a go. The effects have been profound in healing, reducing pain and increasing mobility in his broken wrist.

This was when Dom and I got interested, quickly discovering that Shungite has many other beneficial properties, widely acknowledged and shared. The list is broad and extensive, from water purification to neutralising EMF radiation emitted by household technology such as phones, computers, laptops, microwaves and wifi. It's even effected our dreams.

Inspired by the potential of Shungite to benefit people on so many levels, the idea came to us to start our online business, Enhancing Energies, as a way of spreading the word and introducing Shungite to a wider audience and into everyday life.  

At the heart of our business and product range is the message ‘giving the gift of Shungite’, to promote positivity and absorb negativity.

Our Shungite Gift bags are designed as a great introduction to Shungite, with easy to apply magnets for use on personal devices and white goods plus an Elite Shungite stone. 

Our Shungite Anti G Bracelets are beautiful and help to protect against 4/5G wifi and RF phone signal Radiation.  

Our Gratitude Bracelets are beautiful and enhance energy & well being, whilst also providing personal protection. Fashion and function and a reminder to be thankful for the good things in your life. 

Our Shungite Energy Paintings are designed to bring positivity to any space. With psychedelic and cosmic designs, each piece is original and created using Shungite paint.

Our Personalised Prints made using Shungite paint can include names, dates, house numbers, symbols etc, making them an extra special gift. 

The Shungite we use in our products is certified and sourced directly from Karelia, Russia.

Our products have been tested for effectiveness with a digital EMF reader.  

We’re brimming with ideas for more incredible Shungite products to add to our range! 

Try a gratitude bracelet, energy painting or gift bag and see for yourself. 

Lastly and positively, we’re delighted to say that Doug is now back painting, and is focusing his energy on creating wonderful Shungite Energy Paintings.