SHUNGITE - Enhance your health. The perfect gift for mind, body and soul


This is not just a painting ... this is 'Shungite Energy Art' designed to promote and enhance the positive and absorb the negative. Painted on large canvas, with high quality Shungite paint, sprinkled with Shungite elite magic it is produced with heart and soul by Shoreditch artist Dougal Porteous.  

The paintings are blessed with positive energy from the start. Dougal is attuned to the energies of his environment and his work encapsulates the light and dark of the chaotic world around him. A Reiki practitioner, he is extremely passionate about healing energy, art, and positive flow. a good investment for home, workplace or future.  

 Shungite stones of the highest quality. Certified and genuine. Shungite is a powerful protective stone with many beneficial modern uses. It works to dissolve negative energy and improve the positive.

The fullerene molecule with Shungite creates a 'field' around it energising environments, removing toxins and protecting the wearer from 4G/5G wifi.

With an ever increasingly tech-heavy world, Shungite can help protect against EMF radiation including technology used in the house and at work: computers, laptops, TVs, microwaves, mobile phones and tablets.

The fullerenes in Shungite can be magnetic, act as super conductors and absorb light, making it a powerful grounder, cleanser, transformer and an extremely powerful healing crystal. 

Personalised paintings are available  (email for details)


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