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Collection: ANTI 5G WIFI

The Corona Virus and Cancers are not officially attributed to tech, phone signals and 4/5g wifi as far as the Governments and Tech companies are concerned. Opinions vary on these conclusion. Please watch the video below where Dr Devra Davis explains what the phone companies don't want you to know. 

The Anti G neckless and Gratitude Bracelets our made using polished Shungite stones of the highest quality, certified and genuine. Shungite is a powerful protective stone with many beneficial modern uses. It works to dissolve negative energy and improve the positive.

The fullerene molecule with Shungite creates a 'field' around it energising environments, removing toxins and protecting the wearer from 4G/5G wifi.

With an ever increasingly tech-heavy world, Shungite can help protect against EMF radiation including technology used in the house and at work: computers, laptops, TVs, microwaves, mobile phones and tablets.

The fullerenes in Shungite can be magnetic, act as super conductors and absorb light, making it a powerful grounder, cleanser, transformer and an extremely powerful healing crystal. 

To uplift your spirits, also check out our positive energy paintings. 

Learn more from the video The Scientific truth about EMF Radiation by Dr Devra Davis

This video is eye opening. It is notable that all phone companies have now gone from denying any knowledge of RF/EMF issues, to now putting RF disclaimers on all devices. We have also tested phones using an EMF reader.  

See for yourselves


Go to Settings - general - about - legal - RF exposure

(The advice is to use headphones or speaker phone for prolonged use or contact with the body) 

Shungite can have a profound positive effect in reducing the harm.

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